What Works?

While there is no "one size fits all" recommendation with regard to spray equipment used in the production of roof coating systems, we do have a couple of options that tend to encompass "most" coating system applications:


Graco or Hennes-Johnson?


Two very well known spray rig brands (Titan is another), and probably the most often used on spray jobs we encounter.  Graco is the most common rig we see in the field, and the reasons for that are simple: Familiarity, parts availability, interchangeable parts, tips, and nozzles - just to name a few...  It really depends on what you're trying to accomplish, when it comes to choosing the right equipment...  

"Spend a little - get a little, spend a lot - get a lot" is generally the conventional wisdom for most and would definitely be the case here.


A Graco 733, 833, or 933 is more than enough to handle most spray project situations.  We recommend at least 150' of 3/4" hose (preferrably 200-300 ft), and at least 100' of 1/2" hose, with the remaining distance to the rig (or whip) of at least 50' of 3/8" line reduction.  Your mileage may vary, again, depending upon what you are trying to or needing to achieve.  Additional "rig setup components will be needed (most likely), and are too many to list here...  Having said that, you'll still need tips.  We recommend tip sizes from 0.27 on up - again depending on need, time of year, weather conditions, etc...  For siliconized coatings (96%+) see our recommendation in the image to the right.  Silicone is an altogether different product, and requires a rig (lines, tips, etc) dedicated to only silicone.  Please contact us for direct needs, questions or concerns-