Let's face it - metal roof restoration has become fairly mainstream, but that doesn't mean that it's become "dummy-proof".  We pride ourselves on not just the products and services we offer, but the aptitude and expertise we posess to execute the project at hand.  After all, if the roof is still leaking at the end of the project - is begs the question "why"?



Asphalt roof restoration is arguably one of the most technically challenging processes of the entire roof restoration industry - and not every asphaltic roof is a good candidate for restoration. There's a lot to consider, when it comes to asphalt:  Positive drainage, ponding water, damaged or wet substrate, to name a few...  
Our expertise puts us in a unique position and that translates into the right approach for you.



THE ROOF GURU'S™ main purpose in business is to

assist our clients with complex commercial roofing challenges and build tailored solutions to help them achieve their desired outcome.

Single-plies in general, can involve complexities that can't always be viewed with the naked eye.  Moisture scans and membrane sampling, as well as adhesion testing help us to better help you, in determining what to do next.  Rest assured, you've come to the right place!

Certified Applicators -

THE ROOF GURU'S works with a National Network of (trained) Manufacturer Certified Applicators.  We DO NOT work with applicators or contractors that are either not willing to, or have not been properly trained, do not cary general liability insurance (and/or worker's comp), and/or do not posses the financial fitness required to handle your project - period.  
We try to take the guess work out of finding and working with the right Contractors, as painless as possible.  In addition, we will always provide a "pool" of good quality Certified Applicators to bid your project, and even help you in selecting the right one.

Architectural Information Services

We've got an entire team devoted to assisting you with the specification process. They can answer questions and provide assistance with master specification preparation and other valuable services.  Please click the corresponding link below for more information, or feel free to send us a "contact request" and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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