THE ROOF GURU'S, LLC: THE ROOF GURU'S, LLC respects the privacy of its members and other visitors to its Web site.  We strongly believes that if electronic commerce and online activities are to flourish, consumers must be assured that information provided online is used responsibly and appropriately. To protect online privacy, THE ROOF GURU'S, has implemented the following policy.


What Information Do we Collect?

Data we collect is used only to help us better serve our members. It is our general policy to collect and store only personal information that our members and visitors knowingly provide. If our privacy policies change, we will notify all users by e-mail or a special announcement placed on the Web site.


From General Users: THE ROOF GURU'S does not collect any personal information from users browsing its Web site.

From THE ROOF GURU'S Members, Conference Registrants, and Other Customers: To gain access to members-only resources and personalization features on, members and other users are asked to register and provide some limited information. This information is submitted voluntarily. We ask users to provide their name, member number (for members), organization name, business phone, and e-mail. Similar information may be submitted to THE ROOF GURU'S through membership applications, conference or seminar registration, publication orders, and / or subscriptions.   


Additionally, for some e-mails sent in HTML format by THE ROOF GURU'S to its members through its listservs and electronic newsletters, we will collect specific information regarding what the recipient does with that email. For those emails, THE ROOF GURU'S will monitor whether a recipient subsequently clicks through to links provided in the message. Other information collected through this tracking feature includes: email address of a user, the date and time of the user's "click," a message number, name of the list from which the message was sent, tracking URL number and destination page. THE ROOF GURU'S only uses this information to enhance its products and services, and distribution of those products / services to its members. This information is not sold or distributed in any other manner. 


Certain areas of the Sites may require the use of a user ID, email address, or password as an additional security measure that helps protect your information.  To help you protect your privacy, THE ROOF GURU'S have site tools (built in) to help you log in and log out.  If you are a registered user of the Sites, subscriber to THE ROOF GURU'S publications, purchaser of THE ROOF -GURU'S products and services, or a member, you may review and update/correct your information directly on THE ROOF GURU'’s website——or by contacting us.