About us-

Lee Martin
Managing Partner
Southwest Region

Lee brings decades of experience from the manufacturing, distribution and contracting side of the commercial roofing industry.  


In that capacity, he's been employed (and certified in numerous commercial roofing applications and technologies) by a number of large, nationally recognized roofing manufacturers and has worn many hats during the course of his career. He's lived and worked all over the U.S. and has strong, lasting relationships with many in the industry.  


After years of successfully operating his own Independent Rep business, he joined together with Rick Walker as business partners and together they formed, THE ROOF GURU'S!

Lee has direct responsibility for the Southwest Region and overlapping (shared) responsibility with everywhere else they do business.

Rick Walker
Managing Partner
Central Region

Rick has over thirty years in the industry, serving in various positions for many reputable commercial roofing distributors and manufacturers.

After operating a successful Independent Rep business for many years, he joined THE ROOF GURU'S in 2011 as a Managing Partner and never looked back!


Rick has direct responsibility for The Central Region (Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska), with overlapping (shared) responsibility of the South and South Central Regions of their combined geographic territory coverage. 

Despite his fondness for golf (and bowling), Rick spends most days helping his customers with commercial roofing issues.  Occasionally, he gets lucky and finds time to squeeze in a "back nine" or a bowling alley!

We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! LET'S TALK! 

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